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At FTS Auto Repairs, we are committed to our customers’ safety and provide tyre checking and fitting for customers in the Gosport and surrounding area. Checking that your tyres meet the legal requirements and helping to advise you on branded, high-quality tyres to replace your worn ones, is part of the package we offer our customers.

We advise that you should check the overall condition of your tyres regularly, looking at the tread depth around the tyre. If you’re not sure how worn your tyres are, we can provide a visual inspection of your tyres and recommend when they might need replacing.

The importance of checking your tyres should not be ignored as if caught driving on illegal tyres can result in your insurance being invalid. If you find yourself involved in an accident with tyres with a tread depth lower than the legal limit of 1.6mm, you will find yourself in the fault, costing you money with repair bills and fines.

Tyres with a low tread depth can reduce the overall performance of your vehicle, lowering the effectiveness of braking, steering and acceleration.

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Checking your tyres

If you are worried about the condition of your tyres, there are five quick checks to discover if you need to replace them.

Start by checking the overall condition of the tyres, check the tyre tread depth which should not be lower than 1.6mm, check the tyre pressure, check for any sign of irregular wear and examine that the spare tyre is in good condition.

Wheel alignment

Every vehicle comes with their wheel alignment set to the manufacturer’s original specification, this specification can be knocked out of place over time and hitting of pot holes.

When the wheel alignment on a vehicle has been knocked out of place drivers will often experience a tugging of the vehicle to one side whilst driving. Along with the vehicle pulling to one side, incorrect wheel alignment can also result in uneven wearing of the tyres. Choosing to ignore misaligned wheel alignment can cost you the driver more money in the long run. The vehicle will be struggling to drive as smoothly as it should be, resulting in the engine working harder to move the vehicle, this results in the use of more petrol, but also through the uneven wearing of the tyres, means the tyres will have to be replaced more frequently and often than a vehicle with the correct wheel alignment.

At FTS Auto Repairs we are on hand to provide guidance and advice on tyre repairs, as well as offering a tyre replacement and fitting service for all budget and premium tyres. We also provide valves, wheel alignment and balancing at our garage in Gosport. If you have any questions regarding your tyres, our team are experienced and knowledgeable, so contact us for any help today.

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