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At FTS Auto Repairs, we specialise in providing quality, reliable van and car repairs for new and regular customers. With experienced, friendly mechanics on hand to help and advise you on the best repairs available for your vehicle. A small, local garage in Gosport, our mechanics and technicians along with years of experience and training, use only the latest equipment available, guaranteeing the most accurate and precise results.

At FTS Auto Repairs, we are able to conduct a range of car repair work from, wheel alignment, diagnostic checks, to standard repair work.

Here to help when a repair is needed

Our garage in Gosport is able to conduct all necessary repair work to make sure that both you and your vehicle are safe on the roads. With 3 ramps, 1 MOT testing bay and the most modern equipment, our team can analyse and repair, clutches, brakes and exhausts.

Both the clutch and brake are vital elements in starting and stopping your vehicle and can wear over time with daily use. Without these two key components working to their full capacity, drivers could see a much larger repair bill with potential damage being occurred to the brake discs or gearbox. We’ll find faults before the problem becomes expensive, and provide advisory’s and recommendations when repairs might be needed.

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Helping to realign your wheel alignment when it falls out of place

All vehicles come set with the manufacturer’s original wheel alignment specification, however through high mileage, hitting potholes and kerbing the vehicle, drivers can misalign the vehicle’s tracking often without knowing.

When the wheel alignment has been knocked out of place, one of the first signs is that the vehicle will pull more to one side whilst driving, but also tyres on one side of the vehicle will wear down quicker than the other side which can cause expensive and unnecessary tyre replacement.

Owners who choose to ignore their misaligned wheel alignment will result in them purchasing new tyres more frequently than those drivers whose alignment is set to the original specification. Continuing to drive the vehicle without proper alignment can also cost the driver much more than new tyres, but also a rise in the amount of fuel that they consume, costing more money.

Engine diagnostics

Every modern vehicle has its own computer which regularly checks for any faults within the car’s system. These faults when discovered can be highlighted on the car’s dashboard. An engine diagnostic check can help our mechanics can quickly read into the vehicle’s computer, discover the cause of the warning light and begin work to fix the issue, with your approval.

At FTS Auto Repairs, we only use quality parts from respectable dealers to complete any repair work that is necessary on your car. If you have any repair work needed to be conducted or any queries regarding the overall condition of your vehicle, contact our knowledgeable team or book your vehicle in online for a professional service at a competitive price.

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